Snapchat Planets – The Complete Guide In 2024!

Snapchat’s innovative feature, the Friend Solar System, offers a unique and engaging way to visualize and understand your friendships on the platform. Launched as part of Snapchat+, the paid version of the app, this feature assigns each of your close friends a place within a virtual solar system that mirrors our real solar system. This article explores the details of how this system works, the significance of each planet, and how you can effectively utilize this feature to enhance your social media experience.

What is the Snapchat Friend Solar System?

The Friend Solar System is an exclusive Snapchat+ feature that visualizes your closest friends as planets orbiting around you, symbolized as the Sun. This system includes eight planets, each corresponding to a different level of friendship based on the frequency and intensity of interactions with your friends on Snapchat​.

Accessing the Friend Solar System

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To access this feature, you need a Snapchat+ subscription. Follow these steps to discover which planet your friends are on:

  1. Subscribe to Snapchat+: Ensure you have an active subscription to Snapchat+.
  2. Open Snapchat: Launch the Snapchat app and swipe right to access the chat screen.
  3. Select a Friend: Press and hold the Bitmoji of the friend you want to check.
  4. View Friendship: Tap “View Friendship” and look for the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with a gold ring.
  5. Identify the Planet: Tap on the badge to see which planet your friend occupies in your solar system​.

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Meaning of Each Planet

The planets in the Friend Solar System are ranked from closest to farthest from the Sun, each representing a different level of friendship based on interaction frequency.

  1. Mercury: Represents your number one best friend. Mercury is depicted as a red planet with numerous red hearts around it, indicating the closest bond​.
  2. Venus: This is your second closest friend, symbolized by a light brown planet with yellow, pink, and blue hearts, showing a slightly less intense but still strong friendship​.
  3. Earth: The third closest friend is shown as a blue planet with a moon and stars, surrounded by red hearts. This signifies a stable and significant friendship​.
  4. Mars: Representing the fourth position, Mars is a red planet with stars and purple and blue hearts, indicating a solid friendship but with less frequent interaction compared to the top three​.
  5. Jupiter: The fifth closest friend is depicted as a reddish-orange planet with dark orange stripes and stars, signifying a noticeable but less intense friendship​.
  6. Saturn: Saturn represents the sixth closest friend, shown as an orange planet with a ring and stars. This indicates a friendship with moderate interaction​.
  7. Uranus: The seventh friend, depicted as a green planet without hearts, represents a friend you interact with occasionally​.
  8. Neptune: The eighth and final friend, shown as a blue planet with no hearts, indicates the least interaction among your top friends​.

How the Friend Solar System Enhances Social Interaction

The Friend Solar System provides a visually engaging way to see where your friends stand in your social interactions. It adds a playful, astronomical element to the way you manage and perceive friendships on Snapchat. This feature can motivate users to interact more with friends to move them closer to the Sun, enhancing the overall social experience on the platform.

Bitmoji Expressions and Badges

The Bitmoji on each planet display different expressions based on their position. Friends closer to the Sun (you) have happier and more expressive Bitmojis, reflecting stronger bonds and more frequent interactions. Conversely, friends on outer planets like Uranus and Neptune have more neutral or less expressive faces, indicating less interaction.

Additionally, the “Best Friends” badge signifies mutual top-eight status, meaning both you and your friend are among each other’s top eight friends. The “Friends” badge means you are in their top eight, but they are not in yours​.

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Steps to Maximize the Feature

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To get the most out of the Friend Solar System, engage regularly with your friends on Snapchat. Frequent communication through snaps and chats will move your friends closer to the Sun, symbolizing stronger relationships. Here are some tips to maximize this feature:

  • Stay Active: Regularly send snaps and messages to your friends.
  • Engage with Stories: Watch and interact with your friends’ stories to maintain and strengthen your connections.
  • Utilize Snapchat+ Features: Take advantage of other Snapchat+ features to enhance your interactions and stay connected with your top friends​.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

If you’re unable to see the planets, it might be due to not having a Snapchat+ subscription or the feature not being enabled. Make sure your subscription is active and the feature is turned on in your settings. If the problem persists, contacting Snapchat support might help resolve it​.


1. How do I access the Friend Solar System on Snapchat? 

Subscribe to Snapchat+, open the app, select a friend’s Bitmoji, and tap “View Friendship” to see their planet position​.

2. What does the planet Mercury represent in Snapchat’s Friend Solar System?

Mercury represents your number one best friend, depicted as a red planet with red hearts, indicating the closest bond.

3. Why can’t I see the planets on Snapchat? 

You need an active Snapchat+ subscription to view the planets. Ensure the feature is enabled in your settings.

4. What do the expressions on Bitmojis signify in the Friend Solar System?

Bitmoji expressions vary with friendship levels: happier expressions indicate closer friendships, while neutral expressions signify less interaction.


Snapchat’s Friend Solar System is a creative way to visualize and understand your friendships on the platform. By turning interactions into a cosmic relationship map, Snapchat adds an engaging and fun layer to social media connections. Whether you’re checking if you’ve maintained your best friend status or striving to move a friend closer to the Sun, this feature brings a touch of astronomy to your social interactions.

The Friend Solar System not only helps you see your friends’ positions in your social hierarchy but also encourages you to maintain and strengthen your connections. By leveraging this feature, Snapchat has once again innovated how we perceive and interact with our social circles.

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