ERP Gehu – Everything You Need To Know In 2024!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have revolutionized how educational institutions manage their operations. Graphic Era Hill University (GEHU), a prominent institution in Dehradun, India, has adopted an ERP system to streamline various academic and administrative processes. This article delves into the functionalities, benefits, and impact of ERP Gehu on the university’s ecosystem.

Understanding ERP Gehu

ERP Gehu, developed and implemented at Graphic Era Hill University, is a comprehensive platform designed to integrate and automate various functions across the university.

It encompasses a wide range of services that facilitate the management of academic records, financial transactions, attendance, and more. The system is accessible via a web portal, ensuring that students, faculty, and administrative staff can easily interact with the platform.

Key Features of ERP Gehu

Key Features of ERP Gehu
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Academic Management:

ERP Gehu provides a robust framework for managing academic activities. It includes module handling student registrations, course enrollments, exam schedules, and grade reporting. Faculty members can upload assignments, track student progress, and generate reports seamlessly​.

Attendance Monitoring: 

The platform offers tools to monitor and manage student attendance. Both students and faculty can access attendance records, enabling students to track their attendance percentage and faculty to ensure compliance with attendance policies​.

Financial Management: 

ERP Gehu simplifies fee payment processes. Students can check their fee status, make payments online, and access transaction histories. This feature reduces the need for physical visits to administrative offices, saving time and effort for both students and staff​.

Cloud Storage: 

The ERP system includes a cloud storage facility where students can store and access their digital files, including assignments, projects, and study materials. This feature also benefits faculty, allowing them to collect and review student submissions efficiently​.

Study Materials and Library Access: 

ERP Gehu serves as a repository for study materials, enabling students to access resources without physically visiting the library. Faculty members can also use this feature to prepare and distribute educational content, such as lecture notes and test papers​.

Communication Tools: 

The platform facilitates communication between students and faculty through features like chat, audio, and video conferencing. This functionality promotes collaboration on projects and ensures continuous academic support​.

Benefits of ERP Gehu

Benefits of ERP Gehu
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Enhanced Efficiency: 

By automating routine tasks, ERP Gehu significantly enhances operational efficiency. Administrative processes traditionally requiring manual intervention are now streamlined, allowing staff to focus on more strategic activities​.

Improved Performance: 

The system’s ability to organize and manage academic activities helps students and faculty perform better. Students can stay on top of their assignments and deadlines, while faculty can plan their courses and assessments more effectively​.

Flexibility and Accessibility: 

ERP Gehu’s web-based interface ensures users can access the system from anywhere. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for students balancing academic responsibilities with other commitments​.

Time Management:

The platform includes tools that help students develop time management skills. By organizing their academic schedules and providing reminders for important deadlines, ERP Gehu supports students in prioritizing their tasks and managing their time efficiently​.

Customized Experience: 

Users can personalize their experience on the platform by setting filters and preferences. This customization allows students and faculty to tailor the system to their needs and preferences​.

Implementation and Usage

User-Friendly Interface: 

The ERP system at GEHU is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that students and faculty can easily navigate the platform. The login process involves entering user credentials, which the university provides upon registration. In case of forgotten passwords or user IDs, the platform offers straightforward steps to reset these details​.

Continuous Support: 

GEHU provides continuous support to ERP system users. Helpdesks and technical support teams can assist with issues or queries, ensuring users can fully leverage the platform’s capabilities​.

Regular Updates: 

The ERP system is regularly updated to incorporate new features and improvements. These updates ensure that the platform remains aligned with the university’s and its stakeholders’ evolving needs​.

Impact on Graphic Era Hill University

The implementation of ERP Gehu has had a transformative impact on GEHU. The university has seen significant improvements in administrative efficiency, academic performance, and overall student satisfaction. GEHU has created a cohesive and well-managed academic environment by integrating various functions into a single platform.

Enhanced Administrative Efficiency:

Administrative tasks such as fee collection, attendance tracking, and record management have become more efficient and error-free. This has reduced the workload on administrative staff and minimized the likelihood of errors​.

Improved Academic Outcomes:

The availability of digital resources and tools for academic management has positively impacted student performance. Students have easier access to study materials and educational support, contributing to better learning outcomes​​.

Increased Student Engagement: 

The communication tools and collaborative features of ERP Gehu have increased student engagement. Students can easily interact with faculty and peers, participate in group projects, and seek academic assistance when needed​.


1. What is ERP Gehu?

ERP Gehu is an enterprise resource planning system that Graphic Era Hill University uses to efficiently manage academic and administrative processes​.

2. How do students access ERP Gehu?

Students can access ERP Gehu through the university’s official web portal using the unique login credentials provided during registration​.

3. What services does ERP Gehu offer?

ERP Gehu offers fee payment, attendance monitoring, cloud storage, and access to study materials and communication tools​.

4. How can students reset their ERP Gehu password?

Students can reset their ERP Gehu password by clicking the “Forget Password” option on the login page and following the provided instructions​.

5. What are the benefits of using ERP Gehu?

ERP Gehu enhances efficiency, improves academic performance, offers flexible access to resources, and supports better time management and personalized experiences​.


ERP Gehu represents a significant advancement in how Graphic Era Hill University manages its academic and administrative functions. The ERP system enhances efficiency, improves academic performance, and fosters a more engaged and productive university community by providing a comprehensive and integrated platform. As technology continues to evolve, ERP systems like Gehu will play an increasingly vital role in shaping the future of higher education.

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